KoWork NG is a premuim work space for businesses, companies, organizations and individuals.
KoWork NG provides a serene community for working and executing business operations. We have incorporated contemporary office infrastructure and daily job utilities that meet the utmost requirement of our subscribers.


To be the preferred partner for business support services


To proactively bridge the gap between work space requirement and total business satisfaction.


• Strong values • Efficiency • Dedication • Dependability • Community


  • To provide an enabling environment for business.
  • To create a community of passionate individuals
  • To be the partner of choice for the provision of business support services

History of KoWork NG

  • First Hub established in February 2017
  • 6 hubs were opened within 24 months across Lagos and Port Harcourt.
  • Hubs were designed to cater to all levels of business.
  • KoWork NG has worked with over 140 companies across Real estate. Education, Finance, Legal, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Entertainment, Infotech, Medical; both Nigerian and International firms.
  • Retention rate is currently at 94%.
  • The first year was focused on achieving value appreciation and product-market fit. Following this was a period of optimizing offering and reviewing processes based on market response.
  • A system based on processes was designed and tested, with continuous review for optimization.
  • Brand has gotten international recognition by winning the coworker award 2018.
  • Lessons learnt has helped company evolve towards a more acceptable value proposition within its target market segment.

Who can be a KoWorker​

Our services can be used by start-ups and the self employed who desire that their business goes past fast food meetings and hotel lobby sit outs. These firms might not have the capital or the wherewithal to manage an office, and so prefer a bespoke arrangement that allows for a focus on their core purpose. Employees of a firm can also have a side business whose office can be hosted in our facility, this allows these kind of firms the freedom to have only key staff and visit “their office” on a need be basis. Incubator hubs are also hosted in our Senate and Mid prime office spaces.

Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises can also avail themselves of the services we offer to create competitive advantage, by exerting strategic pressure on revenue generating activities while leaving administrative and basic operational work to our firm. With the ambience of professionalism and a network of similarity focused individuals and firms, growth and stability is easily attained. We offer an environment where knowledge transfer and building of social capital can help a firm take the next step to their dreams.

We also offer services to firms that are already existing and want to expand to other regions in the country, thereby cutting overhead costs, as they get the benefit of a fully functional office, without having to invest in an office space, furniture and basic administrative staff and process. We offer bespoke services for these firms and are able to engage local supportive firms for all other add-on resources.

These includes international NGOs with projects in the region, international firms seeking entrance into the Nigerian market and other foreign interests in the region. With our add-on resources we create a soft landing for these organisations, proffering local legal and financial advisory options for our clients. We can provide local support for administrative services and document management, which can be done physically or remotely for our clients.

Companies that are structured based on projects instead of traditional functional teams or departments can maximize the use of our offices and save the cost and hassle of spending so much for a short while.
We also cater for firms that work with contractors and are looking for an office to keep their contractors working.

Why You Should Be a KoWorker

KoWorkNG is a partner to individuals and firms who are passionate about the attachment of their objectives within a network of similarly focused firms.

100% Community

We ensure that firms using our facility can focus on what they do best, while we manage their office space and basic administrative services. With attention focused on their clients and improving their service delivery, firms can achieve better productivity; especially when in an environment that encourages excellence.

100% Community

Within a community of similarity passionate individuals, skills can be honed and co-opetition encouraged even amongst similar firms. The community encourages individuals to temper each other, while knowledge transfer creates an enabling environment for enhanced personal development.

100% Satisfaction

Our residents satisfaction is key to us, and so our staff are poised to provide all assistance needed for a smooth running of our clients business. Our success is a measure of our clients success and so we consider these businesses as our partners. We constantly seek more efficient ways to improve on our services for our clients, creating competitive advantage for them, with an aim to provide total satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices ranges between N10,000 – N150,000

Membership can be a Day Pass, Weekly, Occasional, Part-Time, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM,
Saturdays 10:30AM-4:00PM

It depends on the type of membership. It ranges between 2-3 hours and are also available for purchase, if you ever run out.

Yes 7.5% VAT on the membership fee and N20,000 security deposit for private offices and N10,000 for shared offices. This will be refunded back to members at the expiration of their stay.

KoWork NG membership offers the right corporate ambience, business support and professional community with the following features:
Fully furnished offices
Centrally located
Constant power supply
High speed internet
Privacy and Access Control
Fully air conditioned offices
Front desk & Administrative support
Fully furnished Meeting/boardroom
Complimentary beverage
Resident car parking
Virtual Office option
Printing, copying, scanning
Exciting networking events and opportunities to make connections with like-minded people and grow your clientele.
Other Add-on Services