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Daily And Weekly
This is ideal for short stay residents who leave their city for a short visit or people who who want to dash in and out of the office. There is no discount associated with this plan.
This is ideal for short stay residents like audit, legal and other consulting firms; also for startups that do not readily have capital for long term lease. There is no discount associated with this plan.
This is our most popular plan, and avails the company a 3% discount on the total payment. It is best suited for short-mid term proiects and firms "testing the waters", also included are professional service based firms and entrepreneurs. This avails the organization a chance to fully involve itself in the local- business environment.
These are long term users and we consider these members our partners. They get 10% discount on their payment, and the space can be customized based on their organizational needs. These firms usually have long term proiects in the region, or are building relevance in the region. International organizations seeking presence in Nigeria can also avail themselves of this plan while they assess the market.


  1. Fill Contact form
  2. Copy of company registration (CAC)
  3. Means of Identification (Drivers License, Voters Card or National ID)
  4. Utility bill of place of resident of key personnel
  5. Sign Lease agreement